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Message from Executive Director

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    P. K. SINGH
    Executive Director (Training)

    Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited Jabalpur

    The Challenges of business in the power distribution sector were always present but they are now further compounded due to issues like high AT&C Losses, low CRPU, inadequate revenue collection, limited resources and regulatory changes. However, over the years, MPPKVVCL has successfully surmounted all the challenges and has established myriad milestones in the sector.

    The challenges emerged in recent times are not at the core but at the orbit. The human resources of MPPKVVCL have always led the change and kept their edge by continuously updating their competencies. CTI, an institution which MPPKVVCL is proud of, is instrumental in achieving this by designing and delivering proactive training programmes in a contemporary ecosystem. CTI is further bracing up with new programmes designed to instill a strong sense of professionalism and ownership in the participants. I am also happy to note that IT-enabled video & web based learning facilities including ERP are being used at CTI to close the distance between faculty and participants and facilitate real-time web-based interactions.

    I wish team CTI all the very best and hope they will actualize the HR vision of making MPPKVVCL a learning organization.