Central Training Institute, MPPKVVCL, Jabalpur
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Faculty at CTI

Faculty name Qualification Experience in years Training Modules
1. Dr. A. K. Tiwari Ph.D. 28 Distribution Network optimization, Energy Management, SCADA, RAPDRP, ERP, Smart Grid & System Application
2. D. P. Kachhi Dip. in Electrical Engineering 35 Electric Shock Treatment & First Aid, Method of Artificial Respiration, Construction & Maintenance of Electrical Lines & Transformers
3. Dr. Vivek Chandra Ph.D. 28 IT in power distribution, ERP, Cyber security in power sector, C#
4. Shri Ghaneshwar Jharbade B.E., MBA 2 I.T. Finance
5. Mrs Durga Jharia M.E. (High Voltage Engg) 5 Power system, Lightning Protection, Substation Design
6. Miss Harsha Shahastrabudhe B.E. 4 Meter Testing, STM, Electric Machine
7. Dr. S. L. Sahu Ph.D. 30 Financial accounting, Budget , Financial Statement analysis, Supervisory development
8. Dr. Shubhda Pandey Ph.D. 35 Personality development, Emotional Quotient, Change Management
9. Dr. Anuvar Shrivastava LLD 35 Electricity act, Labour Laws
10. Dr. R. K. Jain Ph.D. 30 Industrial Psychology
11. Dr. E. N. Jyotishi L.L.D. 35 Labour Law, Electricity Law
12. Shri Baleshwar Sharma B.E., MBA 36 Power Sector Management, Material Purchase Specification
13. Shri S. C. Gupta B.E. 37 Regulatory, Disater Management, Safety Management, Power Sector Reforms
14. Col S. K. Dhoralia B.E., MBA 36 Personality Development, Leadership, Teamwork, Motivation
15. Shri D. K. Gandotra B.E. 38 Electricity Act, Electricity Supply Code, Commercial Practices, Open Access
16. Shri Rajeev Gupta BE, MBA, LLB 25 Human Resource management, Stress Management, Employee welfare, human capital
17. Shri K. K. Sonwane B.E. 25 E-procurement and E-tendering, Material Management , Stores and Inventory control
18. Vivek Ranjan Shrivastava M.Tech 25 Civil works in lines and substation, Public relations
19. Shri S. K. Khare B.E., Chartered Engineer(I), MIE, Certified Energy Auiditor 38 Revenuemanagement, tariff structure, HT and LT Billing
20. Shri W. G. Gurao MA, LLB 36 Establishment, pension rules, gratuity, Fundamental rules, civil services rules
21. Shri V. P. Dubey B.E. 26 Works accounts, Estimating and work execution
22. Shri S. L. Bhatia B.E. 35 Store accounts
23. Sri Praveen Kumar MA, LLB 35 Establishment, leave rules, Promotion, Higher Pay Scale
24. Akanksha Jain B.E. 5 Cyber Security, MiPOWER, AUTOCAD, CYMDIST, Mipower, MSPROJECT, Primavara, C++, Java, DotNet, SQL, Data Center & CCC, ERP, Computer
25. Prof. D. Mishra B.E. , M.E. 7 Windows server administration, Oracle and SQL
26. Prof. Nishita Kandhari MBA, M.Com, MA Eco,Ph.D. 5 Office management, Project management, Office communication
27. Smt. Abhilasha Adlakha MCA 7 Asset Management, Maintenance Management
28. Dr. Abhijat Sahu MBA, Ph.D 3 Project Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Cooperative Etiquette
29. Shandhya Singh MA(English), MBA, Ph.D(pursuing ) 12 Official Correspondence, Business Communication, Human Resource Planning
30. Sandhya Sharma M.Tech. 5 Computer Method in Power System, Energy Conservation, Demand Side Management
31. Surbhi Jain M.Tech. 4 Power Generation, Energy Audit, HVDS, Distributed Generation
32. Swati Singh MCA 3 ERP, Oracle

Training Officers at CTI

Name Experience in years Training Modules
1. Er R.K. Thakur 36 Role of AE / JE as a OIC of subdivision / Distribution Center, Construction practice, Earthing, Accident
2. Er P.K. Roy 35 Operation & maintenance of substation, Power Quality, Distribution Planning
3. Er H.P. Anand 33 Line maintenance, Patrolling, Relays, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Instructors at CTI

    1. Mr. Awadesh Kumar Dixit.

    Non-Teaching Staff at CTI-

    1. Miss Nafeesa Bano, Jr Steno

    2. Mr. Mukesh Bhatt, Office Assistant Gr-II

    3. Mr. Santosh Yeolekar, Office Assistant Gr-III

    4. Mrs. Megha Jawalkar, Office Assistant Gr-III

    5. Mr. Rajesh Sarathe, Civil Attendant Gr-II [Hostel Care Taker]

    6. Mr. M. Ansari, Peon

    7. Mr. Saurabh Sahu, Computer Operator [Contract]

    8. Mr. Santosh Singh, Computer Operator [Contract]

    9. Mr. TulaRam Dehriya, Pump Operator [Contract]

    10. Mr. Shiv Kumar Balmiki, Sweeper [Contract]

    11. Mr. Raju Ben, Sweeper [Contract]

    12. Mr. S. K. Yadav, Security Guard [Contract]

    13. Mr. P. S. Yadav, Security Guard [Contract]

    14. Mr. S. Lalbihari, Line Attendent [Contract]

  • Faculty Images