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Office Assistants Training

Two weeks refresher training course for office assistants are conducted at CTI

1. Modern Office Management Office systems & procedures, Forms management, office stationary, Records Management, Work simplification & measurement standards, Filing System & electronic records, Office automation
2. Official Communication Different types of official correspondences & communications, Translation [Hindi to English & vice versa], Drafting Memorandum, Circular, Notes, Agenda, office order, Notice, DO letter, Note sheet, Reports, Minutes of meeting, Proposal, Précis. Modern Forms of communication-Fax, E-mail, Video conferencing
3. General Accountancy Book keeping & accountancy, Basic principal of double entry system & its advantage, Journal, Ledger, Balancing of accounts & closing of general entries, Trial balance, Banking transaction, types of bank accounts, pay-in-slip, types of cheque, Cash book, Bank reconciliation, Final a/c, balance sheet, Depreciation, P&L accounts, Fixed assets, current liabilities
4. Revenue Accounts Supply code, Classification of consumers, Supply rules & charges to different types of Consumers, LT and HT tariff order, LT & HT Billing, New service connection, security deposit, contract demand, agreement, Electricity duty & cess, Meter rent, Revenue registers in DC/Div & RAO, DCB, R-15, CRA & CAC, temp connection, disconnection, Power factor & load factor
5. Works & Cash Accounts Terms of cash, cash book transactions, payments, revolving fund & temp advance, estimate, BOQ, capital works, MR & MB, execution of work, contractors bills, RA bills, tax deduction, payment procedure, Accounting Codes
6. Store Accounts Purchase procedure, Tendering, System of store a/c, indent, BIN code, accounts code, GRN, Stock Transfer, Suppliers bills, store return, Physical verification of store
7. Acts & Rules Electricity Act, Electricity Supply code
8. Establishment General service rules, Pay rule, pay fixation, increment, DA, payment of wages act, workmen compensation act, Leave rules, TA & transfer TA rules, Medical facility & reimbursement, Joining Time rule, Retirement benefit, Pension & gratuity rules, Classification, control & appeal rule.
9. Human Capital Manual & Service Rules for Company Cadre Employees Human Capital Manual & Service Rules for Company Cadre Employees
10. Computer Theory & Practical Introduction to computers, Hardware & software, Windows, Word, Excel, Internet & E-mail, Overview of Company’s website
11. Personality Development Personality Development, Motivation, Team work, Professional ethics, honesty and integrity, Time management, work-life balance, customer relation and behavior to consumers