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Quality Standards

Total Quality Management at CTI

CTI Jabalpur and TTC Katni maintain very high quality standard of training. We use the Process Approach for training management systems.

  • The advantages and approach towards TQM at CTI are-

    • Ability to focus effort on training process effectiveness and training efficiency.

    • Provision of confidence to trainee customers, and other interested parties, about the consistent performance of the CTI.

    • Transparency of operations wprocess-modelithin the organizations.

    • Lower costs and creation of shorter cycle times, through the effective use of resources.

    • Improved, consistent and predictable results.

    • Provision of opportunities for focused and prioritized improvement initiatives.

    • Encouragement of the involvement of people and the clarification of their responsibilities.

    • 1. Lower costs and shorter cycle times.
    • 2. Through effective use of resources.

    • Improved, consistent and predictable results.

    • Focused and prioritized improvement opportunities.

    • Systematically defining the activities necessary to obtain a desired result.

    • Establishing clear responsibility and accountability for managing key activities.

    • Analysing and measuring of the capability of key activities.

    • Identifying the interfaces of key activities within and between the functions of the organization.

    • Focusing on the factors – such as resources, methods, and materials – that will improve key activities of the organization.

    • Evaluating risks, consequences and impacts on training.