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Substation, Workshop & Labs

CTI has 33/11 KV Training substation, Electrical workshop, Simulator room, Control room, Oil filteration room & power system testing Laboratory -

    • Taking the reading through Meter Reading Instruments (MRI) and dowloading to computer using base computer software

    • Testing of CT / PT

    • Testing of HT / LT Meter by Energy meter testing bench

    • Testing of Meters (single phase and three phase by Accucheck substandard meter

    • Taking Insulation Resistance by Megger

    • Measurement of earth resistivity by earth tester

    • Testing of Transformer

    • Testing of Relays

    • Cable Jointing

    • Conductor Jointing

    • Feeder Relay Simulator Unit

    • Numerical Relay Testing

    • Differential Relay Testing

    • Primary & Secondary Injection Test

    • Universal Calibrator

    • 3 Phase Transformer Testing Trainer

    • Transformer Oil Testing

    • Subsation

  • Gallery